#Windows10 – set English language but with German keyboard layout

By | October 21, 2017

I have a nice mechanical keyboard “VicTsing® Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard 87” with German layout, but I prefer my Windows 10 in English.
The quick solution the use the keyboard was to add also German language support but kept English as default language.

Then the most annoying and frustrating thing kept happening:
1. I selected German from low right keyboard icon.
2. Randomly even while writing stuff in Word or in Firefox the keyboard switched mid sentence to English layout.

This is due to a bug (reported by others also). When an application has an en locale and at some point the locale check is done internally that will automatically switch the locale keyboard to the default language.

Do not even try to set German keyboard as default. That was screwing up some other automatic behavior in Windows, like suddenly getting Windows settings and help pages in German !?!
The most weird thing was some settings pages were mixed English/German. Definitely a bug.

After trying several other methods to force the setup I want I settled with the following:

STEP 1: Click on language (Bottom right) and click Language preferences

STEP 2: Select “Region & Language -> Languages”

STEP 3: Leave default language English, click and select options.

STEP 4: Add a German layout keyboard here.

STEP 5: Now you can delete the English layout, leaving only the German layout for English language

Doing this you will end up with two keyboards with the same German layout, so it will no longer matter that Windows randomly switches languages, your keyboard layout is the correct one all the time.

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2 thoughts on “#Windows10 – set English language but with German keyboard layout

    1. George Valentin Voina Post author

      I am happy the post was useful. This little setting things like the one from this post are most annoying.


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