Windows finally has an OS in it

By | January 17, 2017

Starting with build 1607 finally Windows 10 has a Linux in it.
To enable the Linux user space (basically an Ubuntu) the following has to be done:

STEP 1: Update Windows to 1607
Make sure you update Windows 10 to a build at least 1607.

STEP 2: Activate developer mode
Settings -> Updates & security -> For developers and under “Use developer features” section select “Developer mode”

STEP 3: Enable Linux subsystem
Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> Enable Windows subsystem for Linux (Beta)

Go to search and type bash then start a terminal with “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows”.

You can even start several terminals in parallel.

STEP 4: Update and install stuff
Some things do not work (like X) but the list of things that works start to look promising.

First try an upgrade of packages:

sudo apt-get upgrade

Then install mc for a nice graphical interface for file copy.

sudo apt-get install mc

The fun part is that it looks like the scp through mc is much faster than using winscp. With winscp I get some crawling 20MB/s between the Windows machine and the storage server. With mc I hit was able to get some 80MB/s transfer rate.

Some other interesting commands that work:
lscpu, df -h, free, vi etc.


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