#Websphere SIB issues when running Websphere in a #Docker container

By | November 14, 2017

When running a Websphere Application server instance in a docker container, if the Service Integration Bus (SIB) is defined to store all the messages and data in an external database there is an issue caused by the way the bus is created.

When the SIB is initialized the given name depends on the hostname of the system, for example : [myBus:1001c6274ca4Node01.server1-myBus]
The way the internal hostname is defined in a Docker container causes an issue with this. As you can see the internal hostname of the container is a random generated id “1001c6274ca4Node01”.

The problem occurs when the container is recreated and the system assigns a different random id for the internal hostname. We end up with a configured SIB bus (stored externally in the database) that has a diferent name from the name Websphere expects.

The way to solve this is to clean-up the SIB buss database configuration and data:

STEP 1: Stop the Websphere container

STEP 2: Login to the database where SIB is stored and truncate all the tables starting with the prefix SIB.

STEP 3: Restart the Websphere container.

As a result the SIB bus is recreated with the new name that matches the new container.

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