The 2020 Mindset – #1 Gratitude

By | January 2, 2020

Dear Reader,

I invite you to choose and acknowledge the mindset you wish to follow this new decade. For this purpose, I will be reaching out with further self-exploration invitations, for both you and me. I will provide insights from the books that have inspired me and I wish to recommend.

I invite you to join my theme for this week – Gratitude. I am very grateful for everything I have: Myself, my family, my inner and social circle, professional activity, housing and all I need to enjoy each day I get to wake up again. I am grateful for my courage to write and release my thoughts and ideas into the world for whomever meets them and resonates with them.

I learned a while ago that even though the universe puts ideas onto my path, the mind might not be open immediately to what the universe is providing us.

No worries.

When you and/or I are ready, the universal teacher will still be there to guide us along the path of self-development and self-recovery.

Thus, my mindset for 2020 is to openly and consciously choose to be grateful. I hope you can as well. Have a positive 2020!

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