Some travellers you meet when you #BusinessTravel

By | February 8, 2019

If you travel a lot by plane you stumble on all sort of people in the airports. This is a short list of the types I identified:

  • The lost bunch: People running around like headless chickens, lost in the terminal. They annoy everybody and create a buzz in the terminal.
  • The herd: Compact group of people usually in a tour group and usually senior citizens from Asia. You do not want to queue after them at the passport or security control, it adds at least 30min to the security check. Nobody has all the papers in one place, most of the time the translator has to talk with the security check officer so all procedures are very slow.
  • First timers: wide eyes , moving slow and stopping in font of you to admire some random stuff in a window when you are in a hurry to get to your gate.
  • The arrogant type: There is always some smart-ass that think if he has a business ticket he is some kind of celebrity. Surprisingly he is not one of the usual high-fliers. The high-fliers are usually bored and go from lounge to gete and from gate to lounge without a fuss.
  • The “Mister Bean” type. At least they bright up your day . This are the ones that have more than strange outfits or they pack stuff you would not imagine having with you. Like a ninja sword ?!?! really !!!
  • The hilly-billy red-neck type (no, they can be also Asian or Africans everybody has its red-necks). This is that guy who thinks that soap is optional or that everybody is comfortable with them taking their shoes and socks off in the terminal to let his toes spread in the air-con wind 🙁
WTF do I see a Catana there ? Who got the bright idea to carry this through security ?

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End of rant …

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