Remove Brother MFC 7640DN “replace drum unit” annoying message

By | December 8, 2019

Brother like any other printer producers what you do perform unnecessary costly replacements to components.

We all know the lame affirmation: “quality parameters will no longer be met if producer recommendations are not followed”, but do I really need to replace the drum unit (like 80EUR) of a 200EUR printer after some 1000 pages ?

In fact I believe you can go up to 5000 pages without any issue with the same original drum unit.

There is a quick trick on how to remove the annoying and blocking message (the printer refuses to do any printing) without throwing away 80EUR on unnecessary component replacement.

Step 1: Power on the printer and wait until finishes the initialization. The annoying “replace drum” message will appear.

Step 2: Press the 3 and 9 button at the same time. A reset drum menu will appear.

Step 3: Press OK button

Step 4: Choose 1 for Reset or 2 to Exit.

Step 5: If you press 1 for Reset the printer it will return the ready state and your done.

Note that I already removed 2 times the “replace drum” message without issues. If you see at some point that the printer will print will lines or smudges then you really need to replace the drum unit.

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