#RaspberryPi #AIY Project with #ModMyPi case

By | February 19, 2018

The AIY project from Google or Create a voice kit with your Raspberry Pi is a wonderful gift from Google. I got it last year after a long preorder wait from ModMyPi.

The kit is nice comes with a do it yourself cardboard case, that is nice but obviously not to be used as a permanent case.

Then some weeks ago here comes ModMyPi with their custom AIY Premium Case.

The case comes in a plane box. The content of the box is:
– 6 acrylic panels (red)
– a bunch of screws for support.

First you have to remove the plastic cover of each acrylic panel.

Then I gutted my AIY project from the cardboard case. Try not to break stuff and remember each cable location if you do not want to go back to the AIY project manual.

Then carefully add the speaker and the microphone board to the corresponding panels. It is very easy to guess on which panel to screw them. Also carefully stack the main AIY board on top of the Raspberry Pi.

Then carefully assemble the cube. All the panels should nicely click together in position.
The final result in top view.

The final result in a view with the speaker and the microphone.

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