Perfect use case for #Bitcoin and #QR codes found

By | March 2, 2018

We all know the fact that Bitcoin can be used to make anonymous and untraceable (up to a point) electronic payments.

The QR code representation of a Bitcoin address makes it easier to send funds to someone (see also the donation QR code of this blog).

Printed QR codes that cannot be altered without the knowledge of the merchant are also seen as a security measure to avoid making payments to the wrong wallet. That is why offline QR codes are almost all the time encased in hard plastic tags and secured to the merchandise.

Until now I was convinced that there is no legal use case that needs all of the above.

The use case

As reported here by Las Vegas Strippers Accept Bitcoin via QR Tattoos

Let us analyze how good the model fits:
1. The payments are anonymous
Perfect for business people from Las Vegas conventions to pay for the “business dinner”.
2. The payments are untraceable
Company Accountant/Wife cannot find what was the venue where the “business dinner” took place.
3.The “merchant” has an efficient way to display the price and wallet address
Using a QR code tattoo the “merchant” can provide in an encoded and convenient way all the information necessary for the payer, with zero extra “wrapping” or “tags” on the “goods”.
4. Very good tamper proof protection
Due to the printing method and the QR code “support”, they are very secure and hard to be altered without the “merchant” knowledge.

The future is bright!!!

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