November, 1st – New Month, New Opportunities

By | November 1, 2019

Dear Reader,

I am coming back to the topic that hooked me on the blogging activity – the MIND, slowly becoming a new habit. Today is the first day of a new month and I have seen many media posts that share thoughts on the first day of a new month. Now, I also wish to share some ideas with you.

I wish to draw your attention to your communication possibilities between your mind and your body. Ignoring your symptoms can lead to devastating news and destabilizing your reality. But you are strong, and the mind can overcome any situation, if you wish it. Taking care of the body, by especially getting to know it, like you try to know your mind, is part of your daily life. Appreciation for what you can do today can be enhanced by taking care of your body so you can do all those things an entire lifetime.

The mind is a complex subject. Its development requires dedication and daily engagement. But it also involves a physical element, namely your health. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14th is Diabetes Day. Given the statistics, I am sure you know somebody who suffers from diabetes. A positive attitude can contribute to a fellow sufferer, companionship and tackling together daily challenges like what to eat, walk after a meal, etc. can raise the spirits of a diabetic when his/her optimism is running low.

The human body is an intelligent piece of art that constantly communicates with you. Hence, you/we should know if something is wrong with your/our body. If only that were always easy. As always, communication implies at least two parties and a message. The body is always sending messages, but is the mind at home to actually receive them?

Being in touch and communicating with the body needs the mind to be present. I have read and seen many advertisements, events, book and workshops about mindfulness. It is only when you (in other words your mind) engages in mindful presence that the communication actually begins, that the mind is capturing all around it, it uses all senses, it feels, it simply and beautifully exists.

It can be a magnificent experience to just enjoy your moment – like when you are reading this post right now – where is your mind? Does it think anything, like “How nice it would be to do some breathing exercise or meditation”? If your answer is that your mind is thinking, then take a moment and let your mind just BE.

I am enjoying this month my brand new glasses, that I actually picked up today, and the fact that I can clearly see all that life is providing us. I am feeling my enthusiasm and sharing it with my family.

Take care of you reader and bring your mind back home! Stay in touch with your body and enjoy the marvelous views our environment offers us!

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