Monitoring @ubnt based home network with @UNMS and @UnifiController with @Docker

By | February 2, 2018

I upgraded my personal network with another Ubiquiti device, this time a “UniFi AP-AC-Pro”. The sad part is that to get all the features, like extra control and statistics you need to install a Unifi Controller Software. I hate the idea of network software running on a Windows desktop so I tried to find a more stable solution.
Here Jessie comes to the rescue with a Docker image of the Unifi Controller, see Jessie link.
With the above I was able to install the controller under Docker on one of my servers. Much better than having it on a desktop or a mobile device. This allows it to run 24/7 and have nice monitoring of my wifi environment.

Then another nice tool released by Ubiquiti the all new integrating tool UNMS. This is still beta but is supposed to bring together all your Ubiquiti devices across sites.

See here instructions on how to deploy the service:

Installation & Update UNMS

See here instructions how to deploy it as a docker service (the way I did):


See here how to register your devices to UNMS:

Register Devices to UNMS

And the end result after adding my devices is:

Nice to see that all the monitoring information from the EdgeMax default GUI is there in the detailed view of a single device.

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