#Java #Weblogic : The server is in an incompatible state

By | November 19, 2018

WebLogic application server has its share of mind boggling error messages the same as its competition like WebSphere or JBoss.

For some weird reason my servers (WebLogic version of a JVM instance) all dies and entered the weird state of “INCOMPATIBLE STATE”.

Of course the author of that state label forgot to mention “incompatible with what ?”

It seems that the defunct server is incompatible with existence itself because any attempt to resurrect the server from the WebSphere administration console was ended by the message “Cannot start, server in INCOMPATIBLE STATE”.

The solution seems to be very strange and not so “Enterprise”.

1. Find in the home directory of the dead server (server1) the text file that stores that dead status:


2. Delete the file.
3. Force Shutdown the server (server1). I know is already dead but seems that you still have to force shutdown to generate a new state file.
4. Restart weblogic and the nodemanager.
5. Restart the former dead server (server1)

As I mentioned this is not very “Enterprise” especially for an application server that is supposed to be part of “high-availability” setups.
Being forced to kill the whole application server and do a manual clean-up is beyond bad programming.

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