IT Traveller: Failed airport technology

By | March 11, 2017

I travel quite often across the world for job related purposes. Being an IT guy that does servers installations, develops and deploys enterprise software across the world I am always noticing everyting that is IT related. It is always fun to see failed tech in airports I transit or in hotels where I stay.

Failed Munich toilet multimedia system

So nice that Munich airport has a multimedia system to feed you commercials when you do your “business”. Sad to see it failed. The nice surprise is that they run Linux, probably the german Suse Linux.


This toilet Linux cannot map the network drive so the boot was not proper. Cannot start apache and cannot start mysql also. Very interesting WC trip.

Failed Chennai Flight Board system

Germans had a failed toilet system so india had to beat that with a failed flight board.


Here disaster is total, CPU looks like was fried due to the hot and humid air from the airport. A CPU has its limits not like the travelers that “enjoy” the 25 celsius from the airport terminal.

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