IoT: Car monitoring

By | February 9, 2017

Is not enough to monitor the house you need something for the car also. He er the solution has two components:
– the hardware: Bluetooth Diagnose Interface Software ELM-327 Canbus OBD 2 Plugs Car
– the software: Dash – Drive Smart

The hardware is a simple OBD device that I keep plugged in my OBD port of the car. It is able to read in real-time parameters from the car computer.

The software Dash is a feature rich software that is able to connect to the hardware device and monitor the engine parameters.
A lot of the parameters can be displayed in real-time to the smart phone screen offering you an additional smart dashboard. It is also recording trips, giving you a score for the way you drive, hinting you where you can improve your driving style to save fuel.

Dash trip monitoring

Dash real-time car monitoring screen

Very important DASH has full IFTTT support so can be integrated with lots of other IFTTT connected services. The easiest use is to record on google drive all my trips in very detailed way: GPS location info , full real-time engine and car parameters.


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