HP Microserver Gen8 compatibility list

By | January 28, 2021

As a big fan of the HP Microserver Gen8 (I own 3 of them in two locations) I compiled my own list of compatible hardware that I am using or used in building the servers.
I have to thank the good fan forums that I always consult previous of buying new hardware for my HP Microservers Gen8.
1. HomeServerShow HP Microserver Gen8 page
2. Hardwareluxx.de HP Microserver Gen8 page

Here is my list:


  • CPU: Intel Pentium G2020T, 2x 2.50GHz (original CPUs)(x3)



SSD Hard-drives for OS in ODD enclosure

Storage Hard-drives

Sound cards

Network cards

Rescue memory card/USB stick

  • Verbatim STORE N GO, 8GB

Network hardware

Backup hardware



Other hardware/Cabling

See also the following post where I describe the additional hardware of the environment Server Rack: Create your own low-cost rack console

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2 thoughts on “HP Microserver Gen8 compatibility list

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, thank you for sharing. I have an HP LSI 9217-4i4e card, but I found that this card cannot be recognized on the PCIe x16 slot, it can only be recognized on the PCIe x8 slot. Unfortunately, the HP Microserver Gen8 only has a PCIe x16 slot. I don’t have experience in this area. Do I need to make settings in BIOS or do special processing such as shielding pin5 and pin6 of card?

    1. George Valentin Voina Post author

      I do not think HP Microserver was made for this. This kind of setting is just available in “full” servers like HP ProLiant line.


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