Hooked on the blogging habit

By | August 30, 2019

Dear Reader,

Since my first book review posted on this blog last year, I have been dealing with my newest hobby: the MIND. For me, the mind is the energetic non-physical entity that encompasses thoughts, feelings, internal beliefs, and the personal interpretation of reality. Thus, for me, mind is synonymous with the soul/spirit/other similar term.

Dealing with the mind offers so many different ways to explore, analyze, discover, interpret, interact and develop the surrounding reality and personal skills. In case you are wondering why is dealing with the own mind helpful today, then my experience allows me to tell you that it can be a useful tool for adapting to the current evolving reality we live in. The Buddhist philosophy presents the practice of the mind as the main exercise for seeing the reality as is, not as we fancy it to be.

About myself, I can tell you that I consider myself a writer. For over a decade, I have been writing different pieces, university papers, conferences presentations, scientific research papers, and a thesis I also edited for publishing. I have used much literature and empirical data that I processed with my mind, to later present connections and best practices about specific contents, especially related to the field of politics, international relations and other EU-related topics.

Lately, I have been writing and editing technical content about the domain of electronic payment technologies. The process is similar. The writing stages are the same. The mind’s engagement is there. So is reality. However, how does reality look like?

Well, my first thought is to remember the saying: beauty lies within the eye of the beholder. Same goes with reality. Is my reality’s perception the same with yours? That depends on what lies at the base of your MIND, how you perceive and understand the terms I use, etc. Yes, there usually is a common background for each type of communication, but the ultimate holistic perception of reality is unique for each mind.

Hence, I am starting a series of posts on the MIND training and exercises to offer food for thoughts. Why food for thoughts? Because I have been ruminating already on these ideas and I am offering them to you now, should you be willing to indulge them.

A last input for this post is that knowing and owning your Mind is stress liberating and EMPOWERING.

2 thoughts on “Hooked on the blogging habit

  1. Anonymous

    We need to train our mind every day, not to let our thoughts to take over us. I consider overthinking one of the biggest problems. Nice post! B.


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