Elevate guest/standard #Windows 10 user to administrator from safe mode

By | April 22, 2018

There is a known issue that when you upgrade from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro directly you may end up with your only user changed from administrator to guest.
This is what happened to me on one of the family laptops. Of course you end up with a stupid useless machine on which you cannot update stuff or install new software.

After browsing through unimaginable loads of crap in windows support pages or windows forums I finally found an easy solution. I am still shocked at the level of copy/paste, false and inaccurate information you find for issues related to windows. It seems that the number of uneducated 3rd world wannabe “experts” that want to get “forum points” is vastly bigger on windows forums than linux or networking related forums. I felt the need for a SHOWER after reading so much crap.

Quick guide to Elevate guest/standard Windows 10 user to administrator from safe mode:

1. Start Windows 10 in safe mode:

Press SHIFT + power button , restart option

2. Enter in Safe mode :

Go to: Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings -> Restart

After restart when you see “Startup Settings” press F6 to select starting in safe mode with command prompt.

3. In the safe mode command prompt type


This will start a nice graphical wizard that will allow you to change user settings.

4. Change your user to administrator

Select in the wizard the desired user and under properties assign it as an administrator

5. Log off and restart

Log off administrator to exit safe mode (right click and reboot)

6. Log in to your user.
Now your user should be administrator.

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