#Edgerouter: Force restart a PPPOE connection.

By | September 15, 2017

One of my internet service providers uses PPPOE for the internet connection.

Sometimes if the physical connection is down for a long time the pppoe0 interface is no longer reconnecting or is stuck (looks like connected but no traffic passes through it).

I found out that the problem is solved by force reconnecting it through CLI commands.

Force drop connection first:

disconnect interface pppoe0

Force connect:

connect interface pppoe0

One thought on “#Edgerouter: Force restart a PPPOE connection.

  1. Ron Rosenfeld

    Does that procedure still work on later firmware releases? I am running 1.10.6 and have the same problem. But the disconnect/connect process does not result in re-establishment of the connection. Tested by leaving the phone line disconnected for 45-60 minutes on my ADSL modem). I have a 2WAN/1LAN set up


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