#DRBD: Promoting the DR site as the main site when PR is failed

By | March 6, 2017

This is a follow up tutorial on the DRBD replication posts about promoting the DR site as the main site when PR is failed.

More than a year ago I described in a long tutorial how to use DRBD in a real production environment and the challenges associated to it. See: DRBD based disk replication of a production cluster to a remote cluster on RHEL6

In some situations we have to promote the DR site as the main site without performing a nice site switch as described in DRBD: Gracious role switching of live sites configured with DRBD replication

The situations when this must be performed are:
1. The live site experienced a total failure.
2. The live site is completely isolated from the participants due to a communication failure

Note that in both cases the PR site is considered as failed.

The following steps must be performed:
1. Ensure that the conditions from the above paragraph are met.

2. Stop the DRBD_Slave_Service on the standby site

#clusvcadm -s DRBD_Slave_Service

3. Start the Database_Service on the standby site

#clusvcadm -e Database_Service -F

4. Start the Application_Service on the standby site

#clusvcadm -e Applications_Service -F

Instruct the enterprise clients to switch operations to the DR site as the main site.


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