Blog Links: The ripple effect of virtual assistants and inteligent houses

By | January 12, 2017

The ripple effect of virtual assistants is something that appeared as an idea in a lot of SF movies. Think about Terminator or A.I. where we see this kind of ripple effect that starts from one A. I. and then ripples through all the A.I.s like a wave and washed everything including the human civilization.
This just happened with Amazon Alexa see here Amazon Echo rogue payment warning after TV show causes ‘Alexa’ to order dolls houses, when a TV news about a little girl using Alexa to order a dollhouse triggered automatic ordering of more dollhouses by the Alexas of the viewers of the show 🙂
We also have seen in the news this hilarious video of Amazon Alexa and Google Echo talking between themselves in an infinite loop.
Take this incidents with a set of home automation with IFTTT connection and you have the perfect recipe for mayhem. I do not want to think what can happen with my weather station, house alarm, power sockets, thermostat and car tracker getting in some automatic feedback loop to each other.


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