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By | February 8, 2017

The following are some interesting SQL Server related links:

A lot of times you have to relocate the data and log files of a SQL Server. It can be that the default installation was not OK or you change the storage.
The following tutorial is very useful Move System Databases

Using SQL Server with R to perform a very fast compliance check see: Loan Classification using SQL Server 2016 R Services

A new type of SQL Server high availability SQL 2012 AlwaysON Feature….What is it? How does it work?

An additional post about Microsoft SQL Server High Availability Options on Nutanix

Also a very important post that must be read when using SQL Server in a Hyper-V machine: Support policy for Microsoft SQL Server products that are running in a hardware virtualization environment

A big interest for me was :

Q7: Is Hyper-V Dynamic Memory supported for SQL Server?

A7: Hyper-V Dynamic Memory is fully supported with SQL Server. Only SQL Server versions and editions that support Hot Add Memory (Enterprise and Datacenter) can see memory that is added by using Hyper-V Dynamic Memory. SQL Server 2012 Standard edition also recognizes Hot Add memory when running in a virtual environment. SQL Server versions that do not support Hot Add Memory are still supported. But these versions will detect only the memory that is present in the operating system when SQL Server starts.

So if the VM was setup with dynamic memory allocation: for example 4GB of initial memory with a maximum of 28GB, this is not OK for SQL Server Standard Edition. According to the above Microsoft notice our SQL Server is unable to see more than the initial 4GB.


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