Blog Links: Server Backup with open source tools

By | February 8, 2017

There are lots of expensive backup tools that can be used to back-up an enterprise environment. HP and IBM are leaders of this market but the costs can go very high quickly. As an alternative one can choose some open-source backup suites that are on par with the commercial ones.

Bacula is a very good example of an enterprise level open-source backup environment. In some respects is even more complete than the expensive commercial offerings from HP and IBM. One of the best tutorials for bacula is Installing Bacula and Webacula on Fedora.

I used BareOS to make my own setup in Full Linux system backup with Bareos on FC22.

Another alternative is Amanda, a suite that has the complexity of a fully fledge enterprise backup solution. The best tutorial I know Use amanda to back up your Linux server – Howto

If you want to be a purist and use just command line there is a nice tutorial on how to use just rsync for the backups: Full system backup with rsync


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