BlockChain: Georgia first government to use blockchain for property rights registry

By | February 10, 2017

After much hype finally there is a government that implements something with blockchain technology.
Georgia together with blockchain company Bitfury, as stated on Bitfury web site:

The Republic of Georgia has partnered with The Bitfury Group to advance transparency by developing a system for registering land titles using the Blockchain for the National Agency of Public Registry. Hernando de Soto, The Bitfury Group board advisor and economist known for his work on the importance of property rights, will assist with platform development. This pilot project is the first of many property rights registry projects to come.

There is a wave of press talking about this:

Georgia Becomes First Country to Register Property on Blockchain

Bitfury, Republic of Georgia Push Ahead With Blockchain Land-Titling Project

The First Government To Secure Land Titles On The Bitcoin Blockchain Expands Project

This is not a surprise, Georgia it was always in the first line to implement and adopt the new technologies in payment systems, government securities, stock market and in general the Fintech related domains.


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