Are you aware of what is important to you?

By | September 3, 2021

Dear Reader,

Have you had the realization lately that you might not be totally aware of what is really important to you? You are your character. Your reputation is what others think you are. This is what the post started first with. But this information makes so much more sense when you embrace it with what matters to you for real.

You can have a look at how you spend your time to connect it with what is it that you actually value and attach importance to. Are you spending your time according to your goals, wishes and priorities? Or do you spend the daily time according to what others expect of you? Do you believe you are in control of this finite resource, yet cyclical and somehow renewable, with the seasons. Is time your ally or do you feel like always running out of it?

I have recently read and heard the idea that how we spend our life is actually how we spend our days. I did not really understand its meaning at first, but after some reflection I started to actually understand its core meaning. I remember the morning hustle and the traffic that were once part of my morning routine. Taking the public transport, which was not always on schedule, that is if there was a schedule, making it to specific hours somewhere. I do not miss that hustle. It is true that whether it was a hustle or not depended on myself and how I organized myself too. But not 100% depended on me.

Being a parent gives you the opportunity to stop and reflect on many things that might have been done on a default setting. The constant question of a child: Why is that so and so? opens the opportunity to actually stop and reflect on the answer. That answer comprises a meaning that if you stop to actually think about it, could reveal itself very useful.

What do you think of when you wake up in the morning? Does it depend on how you feel physically? Is your first thought connected to what is important for you on that day, on what your needs are? The physical, emotional and mental needs are part of your daily schedule. Do you consciously attend to them, so that you can actually show up for yourself and the others in your life?

Have some of your priorities been fulfilled by now or did you spend your time on someone else’s wishes/needs?

All of these questions mentioned above pressure me to answer them yes, but the reality is different. However, I am grateful for the universe bringing these questions to my attention so I can actually take some action and take steps towards actually being able to say yes, to actually consciously know what is important to me and to be able to make it happen.

Saying that health is a value for me and saying that it is important to me is not enough. Once I started actually paying close attention to what I do everyday, I noticed some chores were stressing me, which is not my idea of staying healthy. I also found a great resource about parenting, The Parenting Junkie, where I learned some tricks about how you can create a flow and manage your time in a pleasant and less stressful way. It has helped me identify some struggles concerning the daily schedule and flow, and, more importantly, it helped me become aware of how I can integrate what really matters to me in my daily life.

So, dear Reader, I leave you with some further food for thoughts.

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