Activate the old style #Windows 10 Uninstall to remove old applications

By | May 25, 2018

Windows 10 has the stupid habit specific to Microsoft to consider that users are stupid and hide features that seems too complicated. As a side effect some important features are hidden from users.

One of the most annoying one is the possibility of removing old applications that have an old style installer. In the new application controls Windows 10 simply marks them with a grayed out uninstall button. How stupid is that ? With the “improved” application control screen you cannot uninstall old apps.

There are plenty of apps in this situation:

– vwware player
– open source apps
– old camera control applications etc.

To fix this start the old Application control view:

Right click on your start button and select “Command Prompt (Admin)”.


In the command prompt, type “control appwiz.cpl”.

The old style uninstall screen should open, so you can select “Old application” from the list, then at the top, select “Change”


In the pop up window, choose “Uninstall”

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